No Cutting tiles. No tile boneyard trips

Easier Tile Installations

Pegasus Solar’s Tile Replace Mount eliminates grinding of tiles and gives you extra tiles to replace broken tiles. Reduce fatigue and increase crew productivity by making installations easier and faster.


The pre-installed T-bolt allows the flashing to install first, then the post. It also prevents wasted time aligning the flashing with a small threaded hole, common in other systems.


Our Sled (the roof bracket) is universal to any type of tile replace flashing – Flat, S, W and even clay tiles. The tile replace flashing ‘floats’ up or down the post, accommodating any thickness tile or batten / batten-less roofs.


The flashing’s cone is offset from water’s drain path to prevent build-up of debris and leaks.

Our flashing’s smooth front lip blocks wind-driven rain from entering under tiles.

All-In-One Kit Packaging

All components for the flashing are included in one 12-pack: replacement flashing (Flat, S, W), post w/ pre-installed T-bolt, EPDM boot, L-foot mounting bolt.

Sled kits are universal to any type of tile replacement flashing. Kits include sled, 5/16” SS lags, and base flashing (optional).

After a thorough evaluation of tile mounts we chose Pegasus Solar’s tile replace mount for its superior
design, high quality construction and great value. Pegasus has addressed the needs of our organization
from the warehouse to roof.

– Nesto Pellos, Sullivan Solar Power
Technical Specifications
  • Flashing Construction One-piece Formed Metal in Flat, S, W Shapes
  • Tile Compatability Fits most Flat, S, and W-shaped Roof Tiles
  • Batten / Batten-less Adjustment Fully Adjustable without Additional Hardware
  • Mounting System Compatibility Rails
  • Waterproofing 1″ Raised Cone with EPDM Boot
  • East / West Adjustment +/- 7″, 14″ Total
  • North / South Adjustment +/- 1/2″ After Lags Installed
  • Mounting Post Installation After Flashing Installation, Simple Twist-Lock
  • Flashing Finish Standard Dark Bronze Paint (AAMA2605)
  • Mounting Post Construction Aluminum w/ Pre-Installed SS T-bolt
  • Structural Attachment (2x) 5/16″ x 3-1/2″ SS Lag Screws
  • Certifications and Testing ASCE 7-16 & AC286
  • Warranty 25 years