Our Story

We started sketching ideas a few years ago because we knew there had to be a better way to mount solar to roofs. We didn’t worry too much about the business plan, just set out to design the industry’s best residential rail-less system, a product that could become an industry standard.

Working in close partnership with the best installation and manufacturing experts, we radically reduced the parts count, standardized the hardware and cut the tools down to one. We engineered out material while making sure the system exceeds standards. And the product has great aesthetics, so you’ll be happy to install it on your customer’s roof.

Pegasus Solar was born on the sunny roofs of Southern California and perfected in the heart of Silicon Valley. The product is about ready for prime time. Give us a call and we’ll show you LightSpeed Mount, a rail-less mounting system that works with standard modules. It’s fast, simple, easy and flexible, and reduces your product and labor costs – for real.

Kai Stephan, CEO

Management Team
Kai Stephan
CEO, Chairman

Glenn Harris
Co-founder, Head of Operations

Anne Wright
VP Sales

Directors and Advisors
James Everett
Board of Directors
Partner at
Ecosystems Integrity Fund

Devin Whatley
Board of Directors
Partner at
Ecosystems Integrity Fund

Mike Miskovsky
Board of Directors
Former CEO, Zep Solar

Marc Averitt
Board Observer
Managing Director
Okapi Venture Capital

Henry Heines
Board of Advisors
Patent Attorney KPTS (retired)

Andy Klump
Board of Advisors
CEO and Founder Clean Energy Associates