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You’ve only imagined rooftop installation this easy

  • One clamp
  • Splicing without tools or interference
  • Lifetime wire management
  • Instant bonding
  • One ground lug per array
  • One socket, from lags to lug

Get ready for a better day on the job


One Clamp for 30-40mm, Mid, End, Anywhere

No more job delays.
With the Multi-Clamp, you’re ready to fly.

  • Fits all standard 30-40mm PV module frames
  • Works as mid- or end-clamp
  • No spacers or sleeves
  • Preassembled
  • Clicks into place, stays in place
  • Bonds modules to rail; UL2703 listed as reusable
  • Won’t pinch or interfere with wires after tightened


Connect rail instantly. Without tools or limits.

  • Installs by hand (or boot)
  • Bonds automatically
  • Works over mounts
  • Doesn’t interfere with clamps
  • Structural and UL2703 listed as reusable


Deliver pro solutions in no time. Every time.

  • No more zip-tie sag, inspection fails or callbacks
  • A complete system for quick, durable solutions
  • Rail channel holds MC4 connectors, PV wire and trunk cables
  • MLPE mount clicks onto rail
  • Easily slide MC4 connectors under MLPE mount

Wire Clip

  • No tools
  • Holds wires and cables in rail channel
  • Fasten to channel, won’t slip; no sagging wires

Cable Grip

  • Eliminate failed inspections from sagging wires
  • Keeps trunk cables and home runs tight
  • Secures four PV wires or two trunk cables
  • Stainless-steel construction for lifetime grip

Built-in Wire Tray

  • Route wire connectors after installing MLPEs
  • Multi-Clamp and MLPE mount won’t pinch or block wire
  • Lifetime wire protection


Take charge. Bond arrays in a flash.

North-South Bonding Jumper

  • No more row-to-row copper wire
  • Install by hand, no tools
  • UL2703 listed as reusable

Ground Lug

  • Only one per array
  • Mount on top or side of rail
  • Wire clicks into groove
  • Holds 6 and 8 gauge wire
  • Preassembled


Details matter at the end. Get your edge.

  • Thinnest module gap in the industry
  • All-black Multi-Clamp blends perfectly
  • End cap sits flush to PV module

Hidden End Clamps

  • Premium edge appearance
  • Easy, one-handed installation
  • Preinstalled pull-tab grips rail edge, tucks away for re-use

End Cap

  • Covers raw or angled cuts
  • Hidden drain clears water


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Built on Pegasus mounts.
Simple, secure, watertight for life.

  • Comp Mount for composition shingle
  • Tile Replace Mount for concrete tile (Flat, S and W)
  • Dovetailed T-bolt and slot offer superior mounting strength

Composite Mounts


Tile Mounts