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Typical Problems vs.
Pegasus Solution

We’ve all seen wire management gone wrong. Slipping zip ties. Dangling and rubbing wires.
Broken ties. Failed inspections. Callbacks. Shorts and system failures.

Wire management with Pegasus Rail eliminates these challenges.
Secure wires and cables in the rail channel, fasten with durable clips, and hold it tight for life.
Simple. Fast. Secure.

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Deliver pro solutions in no time. Every time.

  • No more zip-tie sag, inspection fails or callbacks
  • A complete system for quick, durable solutions
  • Rail channel holds MC4 connectors, PV wire and trunk cables
  • MLPE mount clicks onto rail
  • Easily slide MC4 connectors under MLPE mount

Wire Clip

  • No tools
  • Holds wires and cables in rail channel
  • Fasten to channel, won’t slip; no sagging wires

Cable Grip

  • Eliminate failed inspections from sagging wires
  • Keeps trunk cables and home runs tight
  • Secures four PV wires or two trunk cables
  • Stainless-steel construction for lifetime grip

Built-in Wire Tray

  • Route wire connectors after installing MLPEs
  • Multi-Clamp and MLPE mount won’t pinch or block wire
  • Lifetime wire protection


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