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Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas

Hello, installers! The 2023 Pegasus Road Show is coming to you. Join us in your neighborhood for free food and giveaways, a chance to win $100 Home Depot card, and the opportunity to see the latest in mounting.

See a sneak preview of a major upcoming breakthrough, along with hands-on demos of the updated Pegasus Rail System, the pioneering Pegasus Tile Scissor Mount for tile roofs, and our newest star, Pegasus Tilt Leg Kit for flat roofs.

Food and refreshment. Free T-shirts. Pro tips and tricks from Gafar and Jonathan. We look forward to talking with you!


The best got better.

Pegasus Rail System was designed with contractors to improve every step of installation.

New improvements make it even better. Join Brady on the Road Show roof to see the Rail System, including the improved Splice and North-South Bonding Jumper.


Cut time, not tile!

The brand new Pegasus Tile Scissor Mount features a single tightening step. By eliminating the L-foot, the Scissor Mount makes installation easier and faster. Simplify your operation and reduces SKUs.



April 25, Tues – Austin, TX, Crawford Electric, 7AM - Noon

April 26, Wed – Austin, TX, Greentech Renewables, 6 - 10AM

April 28, Fri – San Antonio, TX, Greentech Renewables, 7AM - Noon

May 4, Thurs – Dallas Fort Worth, TX, Greentech Renewables, 7AM - Noon

May 9, Tues – Little Rock, AK, Greentech Renewables, 8AM - Noon

May 11, Thurs – Oklahoma City, OK, Greentech Renewables, 8AM - Noon


See you there!
Discover a better day on the job.