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Treehouse Investments Joins Pegasus as Investor Partner

Pegasus Solar added a new investment partner in Q4 of 2020.

Treehouse Investments, a firm that shares our interest in building a profitable business while reducing environmental impact, provides additional growth capital for our existing and new product development.

The investment supports our ambitious plans for making rooftop solar ubiquitous and affordable.

Treehouse Investments promotes transformational business models and strategies that address climate change, with a focus on decentralized infrastructure, including sustainable and resilient energy systems.

At Pegasus, we’re committed to the environment, not only in accelerating the adoption of solar, but also in how we operate, from fully recyclable packaging to engineering products that last for decades while using less material and resources.

The addition of Treehouse Investments bolsters our experienced team of investment partners and advisors that share a vision for growth and responsibility.