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The Hottest Ticket in Vegas? SkipRail Demo at RE+

The summer of 2023 featured two major Pegasus debuts. Installers are raving about the revolutionary new SkipRail and InstaFlash. Now you can see both products up close and in person.

Pegasus will exhibit at RE+ 2023 in Las Vegas, Sept 11-14. Visit us in booth 1651 to see SkipRail, InstaFlash and the entire Pegasus Rail System in action.

Save 11,000 ft of rail per year, per crew

SkipRail makes the Pegasus Rail System you already use dramatically more productive. With a single new SKU, you can eliminate entire rows of rail, clamps and mounts. SkipRail saves the average crew 1500 roof penetrations, two miles of rail installation, and 5 tons of material every year.

Easy enough for the new guy

InstaFlash is a new composite roof mount with pre-installed, non-hardening sealant. With one screw, InstaFlash automatically seals to the roof, fills missed pilot holes and holds watertight for life. InstaFlash works instantly, every time, even in extreme conditions. And it’s so easy to use, even the new guy can do it.

We hope you’ll join us in Las Vegas! To book a Pegasus appointment: 

Pegasus at RE+

Las Vegas, NV, Sept 11-14

Booth 1651

For show information: