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Pegasus Rail System: Better at Every Step

The new Pegasus Rail System is now widely available and flying onto roofs across the country. The response has been terrific.

Pegasus Rail was designed in collaboration with professional installers, from sole contractors to multi-state operations. The design team identified common mounting challenges and worked from a clean sheet to create a system that improves rooftop installation at every step. 

Key advantages of Pegasus Rail include:

  • Instant splice – Connect rail without tools, and without interfering in the placement of clamps or mounts.
  • One clamp – A versatile Multi-Clamp works as a mid- and end-clamp, and for 30-40 mm frames.
  • Lifetime wire management – Easily create quick, permanent solutions with no zip ties.
  • Instant bonding – Bond rows of panels in a click, without tools or copper wire.

The design team considered every detail. For instance, a ½” deep socket fits everything from mount lags to the ground lug, so installers can complete an entire installation without changing tools. And seven foot rails allow for faster, cheaper freight, easier maneuverability and storage, and less cutting and waste.

“Everything is simple,” said Jorge, crew lead for a recent Pegasus Rail installation. “The splice is a lot better. You just click it in and go to the next one. The wire management inside the rail is a lot easier to use. And the Multi-Clamp grabs right into the panel like a perfect fit. I honestly recommend it.”

Request your personal demo to see the system up close, and learn how Pegasus Rail can deliver you a better day on the job. 

Pegasus Rail is available nationwide. Find a distributor near you.