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New Warehouse Meets Growing Demand

By early 2020, our previous warehouse approached capacity. We needed a larger space for continued growth, operational efficiency and new product development.

In Richmond, California, we found exactly what we needed. Our new 52,000-square foot facility  offers room to grow, with a 3,000-square foot indoor engineering test lab and large outdoor engineering yard.

Located in the heart of the San Francisco Bay Area, a few miles from the ports of Richmond and Oakland, the facility has dedicated delivery access, three loading docks and a grade dock.

The expansive facility provides ample space to practice Kanban logistical controls and scheduling, a key to our affordability and same-day shipping. With dedicated in-flow, quality control check and assembly areas, we can stock ready-to-ship inventory by SKU.

During the pandemic, the large, well-ventilated space has allowed us to spread-out tasks, exceed social distancing guidelines and operate safely.

We’re proud to be part of Richmond, with a majority of our staff local to an often underserved community. Together, we hope to build on a legacy of innovation and industry that includes the remarkable Kaiser shipyards, Ford Motor Assembly Plant and Rosie the Riveter Home Front National Historic Park.

With options for further expansion and a network of third-party logistics partners across the country, we’re in great position for years of growth.