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Introducing InstaTilt: Next-Level Flat-Roof Mounting Just Got Better

The new Pegasus InstaTilt is flat out the best mounting system for flat roofs. 

InstaTilt combines speed, flexibility and ease – with the watertight confidence and simplicity of Pegasus InstaFlash. Save money using scrap rail, quickly set your own tilt angle, and never deal with caulking or curb systems again! 

Eliminate the curb and caulking mess

InstaTilt works with Pegasus InstaFlash for superfast attachment in almost any weather condition. InstaFlash installs in rain, extreme heat and freezing temperatures for an instantly watertight seal. 

The pre-installed non-hardening sealant in InstaFlash works automatically, sealing every mount and missed pilot hole. InstaTilt completely eliminates the hassle of curb flashing systems and caulking.

Save money, reduce waste

InstaTilt repurposes your existing scrap rail cutoffs for legs. Now you can reduce waste while saving money and eliminating SKUs.

Speed and simplify the install

InstaFlash makes every step of installation easier and faster. Pre-assembled parts reduce steps. Flexible leg assemblies let you instantly set tilt from 0 to 35 degrees. And importantly, with InstaFlash you can level arrays without removing panels. 

Discover a better day on the job. InstaFlash provides the ultimate in flat roof mounting, with a lifetime of Pegasus confidence.

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