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Introducing InstaFlash: A Revolutionary Solar Mount for Comp Shingle Roofs

Other manufacturers have attempted “flashless” or “chemical flashing” mounts for attaching solar to comp shingle roofs. With its new InstaFlash, Pegasus has reimagined the flashless concept and taken it to a whole new level of ease and reliability. 

InstaFlash contains a pre-installed, non-hardening sealant. When the mount is installed, it automatically seals to the roof and fills any missed pilot holes, shingle gaps or roof irregularities. The result is a mess-free installation, with a watertight bond – every single time. InstaFlash moves the labor and guesswork “from the field to the factory,” lowering costs, increasing quality, and increasing the speed of installation.

Simple to Use

“We approached this design from a clean slate,” said Pegasus CEO Kai Stephan. “The guiding principle was, ‘What are the toughest challenges for a comp roof mount, and how can we solve those challenges with a product that’s easy enough for the newest installer to master?’” 

The Pegasus design team started with the worst-case scenario for composition, or asphalt, shingle roofs: when a fastener aligns directly on the butt joint between two sheets of shingles. 

“When a fastener lands in the so-called ‘slot-canyon’ between shingles, water can pass under a rigid tape, mastic or rubber-type barrier,” says Kai. “We realized we needed a semi-liquid sealant to fully penetrate and seal this gap to eliminate any potential for leaks.”

The non-hardening sealant in InstaFlash solves the slot-canyon challenge while also filling any other shingle gaps or irregularities – and missed pilot holes. A protective cage guides the pre-installed sealant exactly where it needs to go, ensuring that every mount is properly sealed.

Seals Every Mount and Missed Pilot Hole

“InstaFlash virtually eliminates the potential for user-error,” says Kai. “You don’t have to worry if your crew remembered to seal every mount and missed pilot hole with the proper sealant. InstaFlash does it automatically.”

Because installers don’t have to handle tubes of sealant or metal flashings, InstaFlash allows crews to work faster and more efficiently. The protective cage keeps hands and tools clean, eliminating the hassle of caulking mess. With a single fastener, InstaFlash is instantly waterproof, even in pouring rain. And it can be installed in most all conditions, from freezing to desert temperatures (0-170 degrees Fahrenheit). 

With InstaFlash, Pegasus has delivered a new mount that truly elevates the speed, simplicity and quality of mounting solar panels on comp shingle roofs.