Contractor Focused

Simple and Rapid Installations

Comp Mount
Tile Replace Mount

All-in-One Kit Packaging

Pegasus Comp Mount 24-pack

Pegasus Tile Replace Mount 12-pack (Sleds come in a separate box)

25 Year Warranty

Pegasus’ components are manufactured using advanced materials and coatings to outlast the roof itself. By engineering superior products, we’re happy to offer a 25 year warranty on all of our products1.

What Others Are Saying

After testing many options, we chose Pegasus’ Comp Mount for all of our composite shingle roof installations. Everything is well thought out from the intuitive packaging, to fast assembly, to the impenetrable waterproof design.

– Robert Bessler, Semper Solaris

After a thorough evaluation of tile mounts we chose Pegasus Solar’s tile replace mount for its superior design, high quality construction and great value. Pegasus has addressed the needs of our organization from the warehouse to roof.

– Nesto Pellos, Sullivan Solar Power