All-black comp flashing and L-foot kit


Pegasus Solar’s Comp Mount is a cost effective, high-quality option for rail installations on composite shingle roofs. Designed to last decades, the one piece black flashing with elevated cone means there is simply nothing to fail.

Traditional mounts rely on a rubber washer for waterproofing. These washers can degrade overtime, leading to a potential roof leak. Pegasus Solar’s Comp Mount elevates the water seal 0.9” above the roof deck so that most of the waterproofing is from the elevation. This significantly nearly eliminates a leak potential.


The simple 3-piece Comp Mount installs rapidly. The mount consists of a black flashing and L-foot, and a SS lag screw w/ pre-installed EPDM sealing washer.


Everything you need is in one easy-to-carry 24-pack. Fewer boxes means fewer trips up the ladder and less trash to bring down from the roof. We’ve even pre-installed the EPDM sealing washer on the lag, so you don’t have little parts rolling down the roof into a customer’s gutter!

“After testing many options, we chose Pegasus’ Comp Mount for all of our composite shingle roof installations. Everything is well thought out from the intuitive packaging, to fast assembly, to the impenetrable waterproof design.”

– Robert Bessler, Semper Solaris
Technical Specifications
  • Roof Type Composite Single
  • Install Application Railed Systems
  • Certifications IBC, ASCE/SEI 7-10, AC286
  • Compatible Rails Most
  • Seal Height 0.9”
  • Finish Black (L-foot and flashing)
  • Flashing Construction Single-piece formed Galvalume Plus
  • L-foot Construction Aluminum
  • L-foot Type Closed or Open Slot
  • Kit Contents L-foot, flashing, 5/16” SS lag with EPDM washer
  • Kit Quantity 24
  • Warranty 25 Years
Technical Downloads